PROCON - Online Planroom

Welcome to our online plan room. It is designed to facilitate streamlined communication and provide easy access to plans and specifications.

Questions concerning the plan room or projects posted to the plan room should be directed to our Plan Room Administrator, Adam Samenfeld, using the information provided below. Your constructive feedback on the operations of our plan room would be appreciated.

Thank you for your interest in working with our company.

Adam Samenfeld
Plan Room Administrator
Ph. (603) 623-8811 ext.266
Fx. (603) 518-2195

Pre-construction Services


In order to be awarded a contract by PROCON you must meet certain pre-qualification standards. If you have never filled out a pre-qualification form, or if you haven’t done so in the last two years, please fill out the pre-qualification form below. If you are having trouble opening or downloading the pre-qualification package, simply request one from Ellen at the email address below and she will get one out to you right away. She will also be available to answer any questions you may have. When the form is completed, mail, fax or email it back to Ellen, and she will notify you when you have been approved.

 Pre-qualification Form

Ellen Carter
Administrative Assistant
Ph. (603) 623-8811 ext.178
Fx. (603) 518-2195